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As humans, we are all looking forward to ideal situations. We are blindly believing that one day when the stars will align, our accounts will be filled with money and our backyard will have a ginormous pool we will achieve true happiness. We think that once we will have a family of our own we will thrive in peace and understanding and nothing will bother us from that point. In our opinion, if we do not care we cannot be hurt and we will smile all day long. All of those assumptions are completely false. Sadness is part of life…

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“The Queen’s Gambit” is without a question the wild card of the cinematographic world. The role played by Anya Taylor-Joy has such a rich flavour. Beth Harmon, the little girl from the orphanage becomes a symbol for both the male and female communities around the world by going through and, at the same time, fighting depression, alcoholism, pill addiction and mental breakdowns.

The chess move

The Queen’s Gambit is a move designed to secure control over the centre of the board. It is popular for its attacking prowess. It was mentioned in the Göttingen manuscript of 1490 and was later analyzed by Gioachino…

When it comes to success, you will find as many definitions as there are stars on the night sky. Some people will say that success is having a lot of money, a brand new car, a private island and a big house in Los Angeles or in a beautiful valley in the North of Italy. Others will say that inner peace and love are the biggest achievement that one person can have in this life.

I believe that everybody is equally wrong and right at the same time.

You are the only one who can define what success will represent…

Tudor Bungărdean

Looking for the perfect balance between nature and technology.

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